A Brand New World

When I first gazed out upon the sea of dreams to publish my first novel, I knew the road would be paved with many challenges. I knew that some challenges would be easy to overcome, while others would require a lot more than a quick Google search. The more I searched the more I became aware of exactly what I was trying to do. I wanted to publish a novel, a real in the print, paper and bound novel. Something, to my knowledge, that no one in my immediate circle had ever done. I stopped many times and thought to myself, are you crazy? You can’t be real right now? How can you do something you’ve never done before?

Well, the answer was simple. You do it the same way you’ve been doing since the day you were born. You ask, you try, and repeat. I’m kind of feeling my way around, finding and making friends along the way. Googling and Facebooking like there’s no tomorrow and going out and forcing myself to talk to people I’d otherwise never come in contact with. I want my novel to rock and rise to the top of the best sellers list, but more importantly, I want my novel to be the best story I can tell. I want people to read my stories and escape into my world just as I did when I read stories as a child. That’s my real goal as I fumbled and feel my way around the publishing world and if you’re willing I’d like to carry you along for the ride.

Now onto the business stuff, my current project. I could spend all day telling you about how amazing it is and slap up a pre-order button on my page, but I’m not going to do that. Mainly because I don’t know how to, but really this blog isn’t about selling tons of copies.

But first, before I get sidetracked,

I have to tell you about this cat! Yes, I said cat and no he’s not your run of the mill house cat. This is a cat with an adventurous curiosity that beckons him to look beyond the doors of his home. All cats are curious, why is this one so important you may ask? Well little known to him, his curiosity will forever change the fates of all those who walk around him.

I invite you to take a seat and listen to my tale of house cat turned adventurer in my first ever novel entitled: Ouji The Curious Cat coming to a book provider near you February 2017.


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