The Gift of Supernatural

It’s been three years since the television show Supernatural came into my life. Entering in at the height of my undergrad procrastination period, I found the episodes of the fantasy show on Netflix one evening at the library. Looking for something to save me from another tiresome physics lesson I clicked on episode one and have been hooked since.

To all my friends and family it is no secret that I love Supernatural. I enthusiastically bring it up all the time and when I meet a fellow fan I know immediately that I am in good company. I’ve dressed up as the characters, bought seasons and collectibles, even met the cast in person, but those things aren’t the greatest gift the show has given me.

When I’m not working on my novels or short stories, I write fan-fiction. I love creating stories based on established universes and Supernatural has been my writing outlet when life was too stressful or busy to craft my own worlds. Through writing about the show I have met many amazing writers and people. Fans who are in love with the craft of writing just as much as they are in love with the show. These writers and readers, who are eager to share their wisdom, offer a peer edit, or be a wall to bounce ideas off of. I am truly lucky for this unexpected gift and grateful for the amazing people I have met through the show.

This show has given me so much and helped me become a better writer because sometimes you need a place where you can express yourself and feel welcomed. Every author can benefit from this. I am lucky to have found this community because of a television show, one that continues to inspire and be supportive of its fans.


To all the SPN fans, Happy Supernatural Day!

See you Friday!


**Photo credit – Brittany Rose Photography


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