The Thrill of the Chase

Lately, I’ve found myself eager to jump into the page. The prospect of editing and revision has put me in a better mood, which is very uncommon for me. These feelings, reminiscent of my college days, are a welcome refresher as I finalize my novel for publication.

I may not like every part of the publishing process, but nothing brings me more satisfaction than the headways of progress. Earlier this month I received my draft from my Editor filled with lots of mistakes and errors to be fixed. Goosebumps jolted down my spine as I read the feedback. It was exhilarating to have someone look over my work and give good feedback. I’m hungry for it, I want to know what I can do to make my story better, to drive it forward. I can’t wait to start up again and much work needs to be done, but I’m loving it. Yes, I’m sure the revision process will have me pulling my hair out, but I’ll be better for it and Ouji will be better for it too because this is what passion is. Passion is seeing the value in every part, even the parts that drive you to the breaking point and when all is said and done you can look back with pride at your work.


I’m excited to finish this project, not just to get it out of the way, but because I want this story to be the best story it can be.


Ouji The Curious Cat comes out this February and is recommended for readers eight and older.


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