From the Mind #1 – Chasm

There are women with children, young people and old, people in suits, and people in uniforms all gathered in this place. Families of four, families of ten, there are so many people here I can’t even count. On both sides they’re gathered, standing, looking over the edge. It’s so deep and black. It’s not like a trench in the ocean or a canyon in the desert. It’s fate, its change, the destruction of your comfort zone. It’s dark and intimidating, stretching for miles. It divides A and B, but neither are the goals, because the only way forward is down and down is scary. Down is unknown, uncertain, and unpredictable. Down is the valley of darkness where hope is tested. Down is every fear, every tear, every setback, but down is ten times, no twenty times better than here. It’s a one in a million shot dead in the dark for every dream, hope, and aspiration you want. Down is both success and failure, where a leap could put you farther or sink you deeper.

But she just jumped.

That single mother with her children, three strapped to her back. She jumped with no guarantee of her future. Then a child all alone, he jumped too, arms open into the blackness, followed by six suited dudes.

What the heck? How can they be so sure? How can they know what they know when there is so much unknown? Then I realized my legs were moving, carrying me to the edge, reluctantly to show me in the foggy darkness of my fear a dim orange light, like a call box on the street. There’s a dim orange light. I squint and what do my eyes see? At the bottom, there’s a bridge to not A or B and it feels so much better. It feels like air from the air conditioner, refreshing and cool like the springs of my childhood. This feeling is hope, tiny but thriving. It is the lighthouse or siren, fifty/fifty, but it’s ten times, no twenty times better than here. Better than the dead arid desert, the hopelessness in your life, the stagnation of your progress, and depression of your future. Raw in the mines is the hope of something better. Deep on the floor of every fear you’ve ever dreamt of. Now you have a choice. Jump or stand still, because they aren’t going to push you, only you can make the commitment, only you can make the decision.


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