It’s Worth its Weight in Gold

As the weeks turn to days, I find myself asking what I want out of publishing my book. Of course, I want to share my wonderful story with the world and maybe make a little change on the side, but that’s not my endgame so to speak. What I really want out of this whole experience are reviews.

Yes, reviews, feedback, the reader’s opinion. Why does it matter? Well taking a page from my college classes in creative writing, receiving good feedback is essential to improving as a writer, whether it comes from an editor, an agent, a publisher, or a stranger off the street. Of course, I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt, but how my story is received is very important to me. Maybe the readers don’t like the cover art, maybe the formatting is a little hard to read, or maybe they didn’t enjoy an aspect of the story. All this feedback will help me make better decisions in the future, after all, I want to make sure I’m delivering the best story I can.

It’s important to remember, people who write reviews have gone out of their way to interact with you. It goes beyond buying the book, it’s like sending a thank card to a friend who’s attended a party. It’s special, even if the review is less than spectacular. It means they felt strongly enough to take five minutes out of their time to find your book and write a review. I appreciate that I really do and I hope OTCC earns lots of reviews. I want to hear what you think.


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