What is Love: Writing About Your Muse


It was only recently that I found my love for cats, growing up without a warm snuggly mammal by my side left my heart immune to their soft resonating purrs. It wasn’t until I took a job at an animal shelter did my love for them grow. I’ve always loved animals, but there’s a big difference between loving them from afar and being in contact with them day to day. Yes, I’ve gotten used to soft bits and scratchy tongues, sharp nails, and unexpected head butts. It comes with the package when you accept a cat into your life and with it comes a special love, one that is earned.

I think what I love most about my job is watching them transform from terrified, frightened little creatures into cuddly little love bugs. It’s very rewarding and it shows in my writing. I would have never expected my first book to be about cats, but here I am on the heel of publishing my first book about them.


It’s exciting, but back to talking about cats, I’ve worked with hundreds of them. From kittens to granny aged adults each and every one with their own story and unique personality. They come and go leaving a lasting impression on my soul, well maybe not each and every cat, but I do walk away learning something new every day. These lessons I can apply to my own life. Be patient; don’t cut the flower that has yet to bloom. A little respect goes a long way and free food is the foundation of a good friendship. Yup, little lessons like that. Also, I would like to flat out say, your new best friend is waiting for you at your local shelter. Rescue a life and watch them save yours in return.

Another thing I like about working with cats is all the wacky things they do. Some cats love to climb, whether that be cage bars or you, never underestimate a determined cat. Cats drool! Yes in fact dogs rule and cats drool. They drool when they’re happy. It’s so weird but cool. Something you would never expect and some cats like belly rubs and I’m sure you’re raising an eyebrow right now, but the is fact what cats love is as diverse as the colors and sizes they come in.

orange-catSo please treat yourself, volunteer, or pet your cat a little longer today. Don’t be afraid to embrace your cuddly side.


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