Welcome 2017!

Okay, so I know it’s March, but I’ve been super busy these past two months, and I’m finally able to take a breather. With that being said I’m happy to announce that I will be starting my Goodreads Reading Challenge this month. I have twelve books all lined up, and I’m eager to start reading. Some updates before I begin, I still haven’t acquired my copy of Jack Douglas’ The Jewish-Japanese Sex and Cookbook and How to Raise Wolves, but no worries it’s still early. I do however have a backup just in case.

the-jumbiesI’ve fallen in love with Tracey Baptiste’s modern Caribbean folktale, The Jumbies, about a young girl who must save her home from a supernatural being threatening to take over her island home. So if I can’t find Douglas’ book, I will be reading The Jumbies instead. It’s also been added to my Goodreads Reading Challenge list, which you can check out here for the complete list.

So, now for the fun part, book selection time! I gave each of the books a number and used a random number generator to decide my fate….


…….and the lucky book is……..*drumroll*


Clockwork by Philip Pullman


Summary from Goodreads:

Fritz, the writer, spins a spine-tingling tale to cheer up Karl, the apprentice clockmaker. But rather than helping matters, the story begins to come true….

The stories of Karl, the apprentice; Dr. Kalmenius, his nefarious “savior”; Gretl, the brave daughter of the town innkeeper; and a young prince whose clockwork heart is in danger of winding down come together in surprising and magical ways in a story that has the relentless urgency of a ticking clock.


I can’t wait to get started and if you’re looking for something to add to your reading challenge, feel free to add my new novel, Ouji the Curious Cat, it’s out now on Amazon and Kindle.


Happy Reading!


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