A Review: The Unlikely Tale of the Royal Elite Squad by D.A. Alston


The Unlikely Tale of the Royal Elite Squad follows four ordinary girls who gain superpowers after a mysterious accident. However, with great power comes great responsibility. How will they balance their new gifts in between their busy lives?

I really enjoyed reading this. The author takes you into the lives of four young high school girls struggling to find themselves. The story is structured in first person of each girl giving you an interesting perspective into all of their lives. The diversity is welcoming in a culture lacking in heroines of color and each girl stands out and has their own unique story and hurdle to overcome. I also loved the cover and back art, it helped me to visualize who each character was. The pacing and plot development was easy to follow and had enough changes in it to keep me engaged. The story is based on themes of honesty, friendship, and acceptance, something the world could truly use more of.

the-unlikely-tale-of-the-royal-elite-squadAll in all, I’m inspired by these girls and would recommend this book to younger readers who love a good old fashion superhero story. I give it a 3/5.


***HALT: The section below contains spoilers***
***Read at your own risk***

Closing Thoughts and Discussion

I wasn’t sure how the point of view changes was going to work, but once you get used to it, it becomes easier to read. I loved the fact that we can jump into each girl’s head. I think you need something like that if you’re truly going to write a story with four main characters. As I mentioned above, I really loved the diversity. The author did their homework and made me believe each of the girls and their backgrounds were believable. It was modern and the dialog was hip to the culture, making it easily relatable. It wasn’t without its error or two, but nothing is perfect. I still enjoyed the story. I’m hoping the author will continue. I believe the world could benefit from more heroes of color, especially positive female role models.

What are your thoughts? How did you feel after reading the story?


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