What’s Next for Ouji?


The reviews are trickling in, and everyone seems to be enjoying my story, much to my delight. I haven’t quite reached my goal of thirty reviews, but I appreciate all the feedback I’ve been given so far. Granted, most of it comes from my friends and family, but I can tell by the way they enthusiastically talk about it that they enjoyed it. As for what’s next, I honestly had no intentions of continuing the story. Ouji the Curious Cat, was to be a one-shot, as I have tons of ideas brewing in my mind. However, I can’t seem to stop my mind from drifting to my favorite long haired black cat. I created this universe, and now it begs for attention, a continuation, and I kind of want it to happen too.

If you’re not aware, in the writing world, series make much more money. Readers desire more, and the market seems to tilt towards series rather than stand alones. I wouldn’t write another book as a cash grab, but it’s one plus to writing a possible part two. My primary motivation, however, is the desire to see more of Ouji and his friends. I think about him from time to time, and I want to bring more of him to life. My mind is warming up to the idea, despite my protest. So perhaps in the future, there may be a few more books about Ouji.

One thing for sure, if I do plan on writing any type of continuation, I’ll be making drastic formatting changes, meaning I’ll actually hire a formatter to format the book. I want to make shorter children’s books, with more pictures, as I love pictures. It’ll still be a chapter book, but with more pictures integrated into it. The idea of adding more imagery makes the prospect of writing more about Ouji all the more enticing, but it’s still in the very early planning stages. Currently, there is some pretty stiff competition for projects, but stay tuned I have many many ideas up my sleeve.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to pick up my book, it’s on Amazon for $7.99 and Kindle for only 99 cents. As I mentioned earlier, I’m very interested in feedback, good or bad. So if you have the time leave a review. Author’s love reviews.


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