Interview with the cast of The Distance Between

I am so excited about the release of my newest novel that I put together a little interview with the characters. I love these characters, they are the heart and soul of the story, and I hope the world falls in love with them like I have.

So enjoy this little gem, next Monday I think I’ll do a world-building post.

Interviewer: Welcome, today we have with us the cast of Blair Cousins’ latest sci-fi novel, The Distance Between. Why don’t you guys introduce yourselves?

Ester: Sure, I’m Ester DuTain, the main character. (lol)

Angel: I’m Angel Johnson, I’m also a main character.

Pisces: I’m Pisces, I don’t have a last name for some reason, and I guess I’m a side character. (lol)

Wildgrass: And I’m Wildgrass Inspread, I have a last name, but it’s longer in real life.

Angel: But this is real life, even though this interview is a little fourth wallish.

Wildgrass: True, oh, and I’m a “side character”, but really I should be the MC, just saying.

Interviewer: (lol) Great, well it’s good to have you guys on here. I’ve got a few questions for you, tell me a little about your characters.

Ester: Sure, I play, I mean I guess I am Ester, (lol) this is so weird (lol). But my character is a young, determined, eighteen-year-old fresh out of school with a desire to join The Rean Coalition of Rangers, which is her planet’s highest military force.

Angel: Along those lines, my character is the same, except he wants to join The Rean Coalition of Rangers AND look good while doing it.

Ester: Hey

Angel: I’m just saying.

Pisces: I’m not sure what I can say about my character up front, spoilers, but um she’s blue (lol), and she could probably kick some serious ass.

Wildgrass: I’m also not sure what I can say about my character, but I will say that he’s super-duper handsome and has a super-hot husband.

Interviewer: Awesome, so we have some aspiring rangers, a kickass fighter, and a hot guy.

Ester: Hot guy, I like how that’s all Wildgrass’ character boils down to.

Wildgrass: I am not mad at this.

Interviewer: Very interesting indeed, since you guys have lived through the events of the story, what would you say the story is about, what themes or messages do you think readers will walk away with?

Ester: Ooo, themes and messages? I am not sure (lol), but I can tell you that it is a story that follows my journey to becoming a ranger. I mean it’s not all about me, it’s about Angel, Pisces, and Wildgrass as well. I think we all learn a lot by the very end.

Angel: I would have to agree with Ester, it does follow her closely, but as far as themes go I would say that it deals with the concepts of not giving up and not backing down from injustice.

Pisces: I think the readers are going to walk away with a feeling of intrigue. I believe and hope that the readers will enjoy the characters.

Wildgrass: I would say one major theme or message is that you’re the only one who is in charge of living your best life. You have to be the one who makes the calls, even if people’s feelings get hurt in the process.

Interview: Oh okay, I am definitely getting more and more interested. Let’s talk about you guys some more, what is one random fact, that’s not in the book, that you would like to share?

Angel: Oh I know what Ester’s going to say!

Ester: I am not sharing that! I am taking that fact to the grave! But one random fact that’s not in the book, hmmm…my character name is spelled “Ester” for a reason, I know the name Ester can be spelled Esther, but the author choose this spelling because it relates closely to the lore of my tribe.

Angel: Hmmm, random fact, wow let’s see…well, my character can twerk.

Wildgrass: How did I know you were going to say that?

Angel: What? The interviewer asked I can make my tiny butt clap you best believe.

Pisces: I would say TMI, but this is normal everyday Angel behavior. Um, my character really enjoys looking at pretty scenery. She would love to travel and see new worlds.

Wildgrass: That’s really sweet Pisces. Wow, so my character has A LOT of history, but before I was cast to this novel, I lived in a story created in Sims 3. I lived there with my family, and now we’re all in this novel together.

Interview: Wow! Sims, that’s classic story fuel, I use to love all the Sims games, especially Sim City. Okay, lastly let’s end with this, why should readers pick up this story?

Ester: Readers should pick this up because I think they’ll be in for a fun ride.

Angel: Yes! I agree with Ester, plus there’s more to come in the next books and trust me I’ve read them, and they’re lit.

Pisces: I think readers will enjoy this story because it has an interesting story to tell.

Wildgrass: I’m not saying they should pick this up because there’s a super-hot greened hair guy and his cute husband in it, but…yeah, that’s totally why they should pick it up.

Ester: Wildgrass…

Wildgrass: I’m just saying, I also kick ass just saying.

Interviewer: (lol) Okay, thanks, guys for coming on. The Distance Between will be available June 10th on Amazon, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited in print and ebook formats. Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful night.

Ester: Night!

Angel: Later guys!

Pisces: Thanks for the interview and hope everyone has a good night.

Wildgrass: See ya soon!



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