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New Adult

The Distance Between (Book 1 of the Ceapeaya’s Awakening Trilogy)BC_TheDistanceBetween-eBookFINAL_04022019
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Orphaned at the age of thirteen, Ester DuTain dreams of the day she can leave her small town and join the ranks of the prestigious planetary force, the Rean Coalition of Rangers. Ever since bandits slaughtered her family, she has wanted to become a ranger so she can stop atrocities, like what happened to her family, from happening again.

However, before she can become a ranger, she has to outrank the hundreds of other ranger hopefuls. To make matters worse, she can no longer stay at her orphanage once she turns eighteen, meaning she has to get in now, while she still has a roof over top her head. She has the will and determination, but she can’t afford to get distracted, even if it means putting her old dreams aside. As Ester runs full speed towards her goals, strong forces work in the background. Forces that may prove to be stronger than anything she has ever faced. Will Ester’s actions save her world or be the catalyst that destroys it?


The Rail Heist (Book 2 of the Ceapeaya’s Awakening Trilogy)
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Junior Cadet Ester DuTain is well into her third year at her planet’s most prestigious military academy, The Rean Coalition of Rangers. After a rocky start and more action than Ester could have ever wished for, Ester is settling into the cadet life quite nicely.

However, deep in the Great Adum-La Desert, a string of seemingly benign hijackings are taking place aboard the desert hover rails. The culprits, a mysterious group of bandits, not from Ester’s world, are on a hunt for something. But what? Ester’s field training team is assigned the case, making this the team’s first real mission.

But what starts off as a routine mission quickly turns into a high stakes rail heist against a new enemy whose power rivals the Ranger elite. Caught in the crossfire Ester must contend with the enemy in the desert as well as haunting new revelations about her past. New revelations that could threaten everything she’s worked hard to gain.


Middle Grade

Ouji the Curious Cat (Book 1 of the Curious Tails Series)
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Ouji believes his life is like any other house cat. He enjoys napping, eating, and the love and attention from his humans, but what his humans don’t know is that he dreams of a life outside. Born in a shelter, Ouji grew up on the tales of places beyond his imagination. But now those stories seem like fairytales until Ouji meets a little deer mouse named Adrian.

Adrian unlocks Ouji’s world, and the two find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime, an adventure that will take Ouji far from his suburban home and into the wilds of the forest, in search of a place of legend, a paradise for cats.

Joined together by a gang of new friends, will Ouji have what it takes to make it or will the journey prove too much? Find out in this adorable adventure about a house cat who dared to venture beyond his front door.


Coloring Books

A Day in the Life of Cats Coloring Book (Volume 1)
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A Day in the Life of Cats Volume 1 is the perfect coloring book for the budding artist. Featuring scenes of cats at play, I’m sure this book will bring your child hours of entertainment!

A Day in the Life of Cats: Cats at Work (Volume 2)
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A Day in the Life of Cats: Cats at Work is a spin on the classic ABC coloring book. Featuring a different job each letter, read to your child about the different careers while they fill the page with color!


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Check out Aftermath, which follows the events of book one, in my Ceapeayea’s Awakening series, The Distance Between.