Midnight Thoughts: Editors, It Takes Two Baby

In re-reading my finished and unfinished stories, I can’t help but notice how important hiring different types of editors are. One, where would I be without a good content editor? I know I would not have arrived at certain parts with beta readers and my eyes alone. I just smile as I re-read and recognize …

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It’s January (Finally!)

I don’t know why I have this strange optimism about this year, but I’m excited about 2018. I have some pretty ambitious goals set for myself, and I’m eager to dive in. But before I talk about those, I’d like to say 2017 was a year of a lot of first for me. I published …

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The Fun Part is Finally Here

Now that editing, formatting, and the holidays are winding down I can start focusing on my favorite part of publishing, the launch party! I love planning parties and hosting events, but like everything I’ve encountering during this book writing process, there are challenges. Thankfully I have plenty of resources at my fingertips and turns out …

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